Sustainability Policy

Sustainability Is At Our Core
Founded in 2004, Bay Coffee is committed to constantly learning and implementing practices that reduce the company’s footprint on the environment, while we educate our customers and community members along the way. We are all in this together. We believe that the world is a classroom where we can share information and ideas collaboratively, moving us toward a sustainable future. Sustainable communities are built on education and then action.

In The Coffee Shops
Imagine having a meaningful conversation, in a cozy coffee shop, where you can share ideas about a collaborative and sustainable future. Envision Bay Coffee & Tea Company as that shop… “a gathering place” equipped with state-of-the-art technology, that provides a place where we come together to learn about how to work together toward a better world.

In Our Role As A Company With A Global Perspective
We created our sustainability policy through the lens of the coffee industry. With sustainable coffee production playing a significant role in deforestation, climate change and carbon emissions, choosing to drink sustainably produced coffees, helps support the goal of having great coffees and teas available today and for
future generations.

We will continue to work closely with university and industry partners to help us bring innovation and education to our coffee producers and historical and current information to our customers.

In Our Hearts and Souls
We are passionate about bringing value from whatever our history, experience, or expertise can provide.

Everyone is a contributor to environmental health. Through Bay Coffee’s sustainability education programs, and our work with our university and industry alliance partners, we hope to create an inclusive multicultural community of thinker and doers……Each step you and I take has impact.