Bay Coffee and Tea Company is a sustainable, organic, fair trade coffee education company. Our coffees and teas are sourced from growers who are on their journeys toward sustainability. Through our partnerships and innovative educational programs, the company creates an awareness and an understanding of the connection between the farmer and the cup of coffee. Everyone involved, along the chain, is a contributor to the coffee industry’s sustainability and the health of the environment.

In Support Of Farmers, Bay Coffee advocates for the incorporation of renewable energy  processes in the production of coffee to reduce deforestation, its impact on climate change, and carbon emissions. Working closely with experts and alliance partners, the company’s education programs are founded in research and the science of coffee production.

In Our Support Of Those Of Us Who Enjoy Great Coffees And Are Concerned About Environmental Health, Bay Coffee promotes sustainable  practices by encouraging recycling, composting, and protection of the environment in our everyday living.

As A Local Small Business, Bay Coffee sources and markets local cafe foods and baked goods wherever possible to contribute to the economic health of our community.

Through these commitments, Bay Coffee and Tea Company, its partners, and its customers become global citizens who contribute to a multicultural, inclusive approach to sustainable success for farmers and socially responsible environmental impact worldwide.