Bay Coffee & Tea Company

Thank you for your continued interest and patronage of Bay Coffee & Tea Company. Your safety is our top priority. Delivering high quality sustainable, organic, and fair trade coffees and teas for you to enjoy will always be our goal

Our Covid-19 Policy

We are continuing to monitor the ever-changing developments of the corona virus…from our points of origin farming partners to the coffees and teas we provide to you in our online and retail stores.

Remember – All of us are in this together, including our Farming Families in Colombia, Costa Rica, Ethiopia, Guatemala, Honduras, Kenya, Mexico, Peru, and other points of origin. They are in our hearts, as we work with organizations to support safe and healthy farming processes from soil cultivation and shade-grown plantings to harvesting and exporting.

Remember – All of us are in this together, including our exceptional Bay Coffee Team Members. At our retail stores, we are wearing masks, changing gloves regularly, and wiping down all contact points with sanitizer to minimize any spread of Covid-19. We are also working on reducing your wait time from order to pick up.

Remember – All of us are in this together, including our Amazing Customers. We ask that when ordering in our stores and waiting for your order, you comply with the CDC recommended guidelines by wearing a mask and maintaining a six foot social distance. Your sugars, creamers, and other condiments will be added for you, ahead of time, as part of your order. Please simply ask for sugar or cream or other condiments (as you like it) and we will happily add it for you. When paying for your order, contactless credit and p-cards are preferred, but we are equipped to take cash.

Together, We Will Get Through This.