If you believe in a healthier you, healthier farmers, healthier communities, and a healthier environment, choose organic coffee! As the popularity of health, climate, and environmental consciousness rises, more and more are choosing to drink organic coffee. Why? By drinking organic coffee you are contributing to a cause larger than yourself. You are impacting the people of the world and the Earth’s ecosystem and biodiversity in a positive way!


USDA Certified Organic coffees must go through a process of evaluation and ensure legal standards are upheld in order to be certified. Certification requires each coffee farm to commit to

“protecting natural resources, conserving biodiversity, and using only approved substances.”

-United States Department of Agriculture

Not only will you find an earthier more flavorful taste, but you will also find more vitamins, minerals, and antioxidants in Organic Coffees because of better quality soil and natural fertilization practices required by the USDA. USDA Organic also upholds the standard of no toxic GMO ingredients used in any part of the production process. Ultimately, reducing chemical toxicity for you, the farmers and the communities in which the farms are located.

Many Organic coffee bean farms are also Shade grown farms. The natural, wild state of the coffee bean plant is found in the shady forests around the world. Statistics show that shade grown coffee leads to more birds, less plant-eating insects, more pollination, richer soil, and cleaner water. Healthy farms, farmers, communities, and ultimately a healthier Earth!


All of Bay Coffee and Tea Company’s coffees and teas from around the globe are USDA Certified Organic. We are pleased to support Organic farms and farmers in the following countries: Ethiopia, Tanzania, Sumatra, Mexico, Guatemala, Honduras, Costa Rica, Brazil, Colombia, Peru, and Bolivia.