Solar-Dried Coffee: The First Step Toward Sustainability in the Coffee Industry

What does it take to create a cup of sustainable coffee?

What if you found out that most of the coffee beans you drink are processed using the wood from deforestation? And what if you also found out that this impacts the climate, climate change, and the biodiversity of the rainforests around the world where coffee is grown, harvested, dried, and sold? All of the above is truth. Much of the world’s coffee is processed using fuel from burning nearby forests where the coffee is grown. 16,000 acres of forest are destroyed in the process of drying coffee beans each year.

Scientists Searched for Ways to Prevent Deforestation

Thankfully, Richard Trube and Raul Raudales, co-founders of the Mesoamerican Development Institute (MDI), began finding solutions to the devastating deforestation disrupting rainforest biodiversity 20+ years ago. The result is an alternative energy solution for coffee drying, an off the grid, hybrid, solar powered machine. And a new, innovative agricultural farming system called Integrated Open Canopy.

Cafe Solar is Born

Out of the mindfulness of MDI, the world’s first coffee brand to utilize solar power and environmentally-friendly practices was born, Cafe Solar! Cafe solar is a single origin coffee which begins in Honduras, located atop the Yoro Mountains in the high altitude rainforest. It is USDA Certified organically grown from arabica trees without chemicals and is farmed utilizing the integrated open canopy agricultural style which protects the coffee beans from mold, protects the nutrition in the soil, and protects the local biodiversity of the forests. Once fully grown and picking season has begun, Cooperativa COMISUYL, a female managed co-op of about 250 farmers and coffee workers supported by Fair Trade principles and practices, works to bring you the delicious and environmentally conscious coffee.

US-Patented Solar Dryer for Sustainable Drying of Coffee Beans

Once the coffee fruit is brought down from the mountain after being picked, perfectly ripe for taste, and de-pulped (The pulp will be used later as a USDA certified organic fertilizer), what is left is the coffee bean still encased in its membrane. The remaining bean is then brought to the off-the-grid hybrid solar dryer. A quality assurance check comes first, then the dryer uses both solar power and pellets made from the husks of the coffee plant for fuel to dry the wet coffee beans taking only 24 hours. The solar powered dryers used for Cafe Solar coffee are the most efficient dryers currently available!

Finally, Bay Coffee & Tea Company Receives the Beans from Cafe Solar

Finally, the beans sit for a month to settle, then get picked up, and shipped to the roasters! After roasting, you, the consumer get to taste the only, solar processed, delicious, USDA Certified Organic, and Fair Trade, coffee in the world!

Bay Coffee and Tea Company proudly supports, roasts, and sells Cafe Solar coffee to environmentally conscious coffee drinkers like you! Come in to enjoy a fresh cup! We would love to meet you!